We’d like to share this recent heartfelt and funny e-mail from our friend and client, Oren Moverman, the director of Rampart, which opens today in LA and New York. We had the pleasure of working with him designing the title sequence and a crazy club scene.


As you may know, a movie I directed and co-wrote, RAMPART, opens February 10th in New York and Los Angeles. We plan on the movie spreading from there around the country like wildfire in the following weeks.

I am writing to you to express my hopes that you will see RAMPART in the theater, like it, and tell others about it. To be honest, I actually hope you will tell people about RAMPART first, then like it and only then see it, in that order.

Opening weekend is critical for a life of a picture in theaters and RAMPART will not be available on Video On Demand or any kind of streaming; it is a good old fashion independent theatrical release and we need your help and support.

You may be asking why I am writing in late January when there’s plenty of time before the February 10th opening?

Well, I know that you are busy, I know you’re living hectic, albeit glamorous, lives and I’m worried that even less than two weeks before the launch may be too late to get you to open up your calendar and arrange for a RAMPART date.

But if you could, we’d be so honored.

So, please get in touch with someone you love, or someone you plan on loving, or someone you used to love who is still talking to you, and arrange to see RAMPART Friday, February 10th, or Saturday, February 11th, or maybe Sunday February 12th is more your speed.

I guarantee you the movie will spark interesting conversations and what’s better than human interaction with someone you love, past, present or future?



In Los Angeles:

PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW, forward it to total strangers, forward it until it can be forwarded no more…

There’s lots of information about the movie atwww.rampartmovie.com

But I’ve also included some things to know at the bottom of this email.

I’m very grateful for the time you spent reading this and I hope this movie speaks to you.

And if it doesn’t, that’s ok, just keep on doing what you’re doing, stay healthy and happy and have some fun for god’s sake.

Many thanks,

Oren Moverman


Read about the viral poster here.

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