Lola Versus

Lola Versus

LOLA VERSUS opens Friday

LV_trlr_titleGreta_JoelLola Versus, from Fox Searchlight Pictures, opens nationwide this Friday, June 8th. The film was directed by Daryl Wein (Breaking Upwards) and written by Wein and his real-life girlfriend, Zoe Lister-Jones. At BFD, we had the pleasure of working on the title sequences for this sweet-sad-funny picture.

Greta Gerwig stars as Lola, a 29-year-old woman dumped by her longtime boyfriend Luke (Joel Kinnaman) just three weeks before their wedding. With the help of her close friends Henry (Hamish Linklater) and Alice (Zoe Lister-Jones), Lola embarks on a series of desperate encounters in an attempt to find her place in the world as a single woman approaching 30. The picture also features Bill Pullmanand Debra Winger as Lola’s parents.

Read more about the film and watch the trailer here. We hope you enjoy this very modern rom-com.

And you can read Zoe Lister-Jones’ essay on the Huffington Post, about how she chooses to make movies about breakups with her real-life boyfriend, director Daryl Wein.

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BFD goes bicoastal with Cine Title

Big Film Design has joined forces with CineTitle to form one of the most unique title design companies in the motion picture and television industries. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, they bring over 40 years of combined talent and over 2000 feature film titles to the market place of ideas. This partnership will bring a nationwide talent pool of designers to create more of the industries’ best and most innovative titles in 2D and 3D.


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