Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus – The Rewrite

Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus – The Rewrite

Happy Valentine’s Day – President’s Day weekend!
Two new movies with title sequences and visual effects by Big Film Design open in theaters today.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

DBOJ_MT.000806directed by Spike Lee, opens in theaters and on iTunes today, February 13. Big Film Design is proud to have contributed the title sequence and all the visual effects for the new film. DSBOJ marks a 26-year partnership between BFD’s Randy Balsmeyer and Mr. Lee.

The film is a remake of Bill Gunn’s 1973 “Ganja and Hess;” a story of two people who become addicted to blood.

“Da Sweet Blood of Jesus,” Spike Lee’s new film, is a grisly and ghoulish vampire story. It is also an evident labor of love. The opening images – a solitary dancer undulating on the Red Hook waterfront, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and other Kings County spots – offer a reminder that no filmmaker has shot this borough as beautifully and fondly as Mr. Lee.”

– A. O. Scott, NY Times

Watch the trailer here.

The Rewrite

rewrite_MT.008690starring Hugh Grant and directed by Marc Lawrence also opens in theaters today. This is the fourth collaboration between the star and director, and is the second time that Big Film Design has created a title sequence for them (“Two Weeks Notice”).

This romantic comedy features Grant as a one-hit screenwriter who takes refuge in teaching at Binghamton University (Marc Lawrence’s alma mater). The excellent cast includes J. K. Simmons, Marisa Tomei, Allison Janney and Bella Heathcote.

“Hugh Grant does what Hugh Grant does best in The Rewrite, a lightweight rom-com that could easily be mistaken for Music and Lyrics on the surface. That comes as no surprise given it’s the fourth collaboration between Grant and writer-director Marc Lawrence, and it could be their strongest outing to date.”

– Elizabeth Kerr, The Hollywood Reporter

Watch the trailer here.

We hope you get a chance to see these two very different, movies.

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